Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Half-Way Day

To all of you who think mismatched socks are a creative way to celebrate the school’s “Half Way Day,” I present you with this: a bouncy, flouncy full circle skirt in two fabrics and color schemes, complete with a crinoline for added pouf.

My daughter and I made it Sunday night.

Half Way Day marks the 90th day of school in our 180-day school year. It’s the kids’ day to “mix it up,” as the flyer sent home last week stated. Some kids wore two different shoes. One wore a pajama top and regular pants.

I think the skirt is both witty and literal. Its literality is obvious: one half of the skirt is a deep navy, black and forest green Christmas plaid silk taffeta, the other a starched pink and grass green cotton plaid. I think the mix of dark winter plaid and cheerful spring and summer colors introduces wit into the equation. Wit, or irony in the least. Considering the winter we’ve had so far, with snow totals nearing five feet, who doesn’t need a blooming burst of spring? The day was originally scheduled in January, but due to snow days, it was pushed into February.

I do have my issues with Half Way Day. It makes me think of a group of broken and bedraggled 1st graders in prison stripes scratching tally marks into the school’s cinder block walls, counting down their days in the clink, plinking their tin cups against cell bars ‘til they’re sprung from the joint.

I have a bit of a reputation amongst the mothers (and teachers) for a certain level of intensity, and when it comes to academics, that is true. I believe that the school year should be as close to 24/7/365 as the law would allow. I can come across as pretty serious. But once people get to know me, I often hear something to the effect of, “Wow, you’re a normal person.” I think the fun and silliness displayed in this creation should absolve me of at least some of that rep in the schoolyard. See? I do have a sense of humor.

But, would just a skirt be enough? As you all know from cooking and baking entries of the past, neither my daughter nor I can leave well enough alone. We had to take things one step further. So we cut apart two pairs of tights and sewed them back together at the center front and back seams. She had one pink leg and one ivory, and wore one pink Naturino shoe on one foot and one black patent leather Mary Jane on the other. The mismatched pink and white ponytail ribbons in her hair were simply icing on the cake.

We had almost as much fun making all of this as she had wearing it to school.

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